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A History of the Arts in Teesside[edit]

Welcome to Tees Valley Arts' history of the arts in Teesside. This is an open source project in collaboration with Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, Teesside University and Stockton Borough Council to document and celebrate the vibrant culture of Teesside over the generations.

Teesside Wide[edit]

The Tees Valley has had a history of arts organisations and cultural institutions that cover projects that take place Teesside Wide. One such example is The Cleveland International Drawing Biennale, which was a competition established in 1973.


There are various institutions both old and new for education in the region, which have in the past been involved in countless arts projects.

The Visual Arts[edit]

The Tees Valley is home to the Visual Arts, with venues ranging from contemporary art galleries such as mima to more traditional galleries such as the Heritage Gallery. There are many examples of Public Art such as the Bottle of Notes in Middlesbrough. There are also many arts studios in the region for both community art and individual practice.

The Performing Arts[edit]

The Tees Valley has a strong history of the performing arts, from Ormesby Hall being the home of studo theatre, to great events venues and a variety of dance, drama, literary and music festivals.

Museums and Heritage[edit]

The Tees Valley is steeped in history, with a wide range of Museums and Heritage sites, including many Public Monuments

Natural Heritage[edit]

Due to its proximity to the River Tees and the East Coast, The Tees Valley is dominated by stunning Natural Heritage.


There are several local centres for media including newspapers, radio stations and TV studios in Teesside.


There are a number of Sports centres and venues in the region, including Middlesbrough's Riverside Stadium.